The Custom Wild Fire Truck Specialists

Urban Interface (Type 3)

500-750 Gallons

500-1000 GPM Pump and Roll Capable

4 Door 4 x 4, IH or Freightliner


Arizona Trucks Underconstruction

Yucca AZ's Tactical Tender

2,200 Gallons

1000 GPM Pump and Roll

2 Front Mount Monitors

4 Door 4 x 4 IH 7500 330 Cummins

Special Options

Diesel Portable Pumps 

For Pump and Roll Operations

Darley 2BE 24K

Fast Attack Truck

These Types are Great for Your Chiefs,

Battalion Chiefs or Captains

They come in 4 door 4x4 any option 

You Desire Skid Units with foam

Type 6X

Aluminum or Stainless

Roll Up or Conventional Doors

2 door 4 door 4x4

F-350, 450, 550 or Dodge Ram

Construction Aluminum/Stainless

All Aluminum Body Cabinetry Interiors

are Zolotone Coated, Not Bare Metal

Like the Competition