We Put the Custom In Custom Fab and Body

Fold Out Tool Boards

Tool boards on Just the Back Panels 

One cabinet or all of them

Tilt and Extend Shelving

We do any type of adjustable shelving

If you can envision it we will make it.

Custom Deck Gun Installations

Special Appliance Applications

This was a Recessed Extenda-Gun

Custom Decking

Custom Panels and Crosslays

We can use FRC, Class One, or Darley 

Pump Controllers

Electric, Pneumatic or Manual Valves

Classic Bourdon  or Digital Gages

Custom Paint

Yes if you really want your truck to Look

Like a Tangerine we can do it!

Any Color of the Rainbow

Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Inigo

I don't think we have done a violet truck yet...

Even Einsentein Bought a Truck!

Yes it I know Einstein was the Scientist...

If you have a Custom Need we can Deliver!