Flourine Free Foam Products

Wetting Agents Versus "Foam"

A Foam is a chemical product that creates a sustained bubble structure and a resilient film. 

* It is the film that maintains "burn back" protection, that is, if you step in the product it does not separate allowing for re-ignition of the flammable product.

*Foams typically work as smothering agents, that is they rob the fire of its Oxygen source from the Fire Tetrahedron.

 A Wetting Agent is a chemical product that is miscible with water, ie: It thoroughly dissolves in water and changes the chemical properties of the water.  

*Wetting agents decrease the surface energy of the water molecule, making it more effective at spreading and penetrating into the product its applied on. 

* Wetting Agents work in a dual fashion, they rob the combustible mixture of heat and disrupt the chemical chain reaction, they effectively work on two legs of the Fire Tetrahedron versus one.



UL Listed Application Rates 

Class A ...............0.4%

Class B................0.5%

NovaCool is also usable on Class D fires and 3 Dimensional fires, while not UL rated as such it offers strong activity typically better than any powdered product.


Because it mixed a 0.5%, it is much less expensive in its applied, that is one 5 gallon pail will go 12 times farther than a 6% product and 6 times farther than a 3% product.

Now who doesn't want to save 12x or 6X on their Costs?

Fluorine Free

For Many Years now Environmental scientists have long suspected that AFFF foams (know as C8 foams) and their replacements (C6 Foams) exhibit biotoxcity, that is they are BAD for you and the environment. Studies now show that AFFF fluorine foams are major health and environment concerns.

Arizona Fire Apparatus is working to with local departments andDistributors across the country to help and rid the fire fighting industry of these toxic hazards to our firefighters health and our communities environments. 

We are setting the Green Standard for life safety andhealth awarness 

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